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Feb 30, 2016

Let's meet your Money Man

A lot of small household businesses are started daily by common people who sometimes might not have proper knowledge of how to maintain their financial records on a daily basis. This may lead to losses.
Fin Assist is one such platform that helps to easily track expenses and savings for businesses like restaurants, tailors or any small budding entrepreneurs.

Problem Statement

Management of financial statements from expenses to savings for small businesses is generally difficult since the normal people might not always have the expertise to do so.

The Solution

A system which is a platform to both manage and teach people how to manage money.
The application has features to track expenses and savings on daily and monthly basis. A module also, gives them tips to manage money by taking curated articles on financial planning everyday.


The Information Architecture presents how the information will flow as user makes his/her decisions.

Information Architecture

The Process

1. Interview Questions

I compiled a list of questions to ask some users to get an insight on what problems do they face while travelling to a new place.

  • What kind of business do you run?
  • How to do track your financials and what tools do you presently use?
  • Do you know how money works and about financial planning?
  • How would a platform help you if it has all features to track expenses and savings.

2. User Interviews

I conducted interviews mostly with my friends and own brother who owns a mobile shop. I took care that these people had been running a business from some time.

3. Interview Analysis

I interviewed a friend and my brother and noted there responses. They generally still used pen and paper to keep track of expenses. The problem here being that such records might get lost sometimes and it’s difficult to manage the papers and books after a certain time. It creates heaps of records.

Such people also are not trained in personal finance though the goal of the app is not finance education they can certainly benefit from a few articles in finance on daily basis to better manage their money flow.

review image

4. Personas

Rima, 28, is a small restaurant owner. Since she has started small, she currrently doesn’t have a full time accountant and struggles to keep track of her finances.
Rahul is a mobile shop owner. He makes income from various things like selling mobiles, xerox, recharges etc. It’s difficult for him to separately keep track of money inflow and outflow in all categories.

5. Features

The Minimum Viable Product would consist of these features which can make a good point of release for the app. Later new features can be added according the responses received from people.

  • Opening screen that gives overview of financials of the selected month.
  • There is a section of top spending areas and latest transactions.
  • A floating action button to make a new entry at any time.
  • Balance sheet can be viewed on monthly and daily basis and monthly one with chart representations.

6. Wireframes

These screens of the wireframes introduce us to opening screen. Balance Sheet, Spending areas and Latest transactions can be accessed to gain more information on next screen.

Balance Sheet main screen showing sheet on a daily and monthly basis with chart representations.

New entry screen provides categories to classify a transaction.

7. Visual Designs

Home Screen

Balance Sheet Screen

Write New Entry