Tour Mate

Photoshop, Balsamiq Mockups

Dec 21, 2015

Introducing the Tour Mate.

Tourism as we all know is one of the most loveable things. But when we go to an entirely new place for the first time.

It becomes very difficult to find great sites and local items such as delicacies to enjoy. This is where Tour Mate is your friend.

Problem Statement

People who travel to new places are clueless about the things that place has to offer. They try to get information from various sources which is often tedious.

The Solution

A system which eases the process of travelling to a new place. Travellers can use the application to find various places of interest in a given city based on various filter criteria such as type (historic, nature, adventure etc.).

The Information Architecture presents how the information will flow as user makes his/her decisions.

Information Architecture

The Process

1. Interview Questions

I compiled a list of questions to ask some users to get an insight on what problems do they face while travelling to a new place.

  • Do you like to travel to new places and why?
  • How do you choose a place for travelling?
  • How do you search for the various attractions that attract you to a place?
  • Is it always helpful or do you find the process tedious?
  • Do you look for any special items that are the icon of that certain city which would like to bring home?
  • How often are you able to find such items?
  • What the sources from where you get information about the special items of that place? Are you able to get them when you reach there?
  • How much do the reviews of a place matter to you?
  • What do you look for the most, in the reviews?

2. User Interviews

I conducted interviews with few of my friends and colleagues at work. I took care that these people had beeen travelling frequently.

3. Interview Analysis

The major problem that both of them faced was a lack of one-stop point for information about a particular city.

Generally they would google a city and then the attractions from various different sources. There might be tour packages for the place to visit and reviews could generally be found on google search page or other sites such as Makemytrip etc.

review image

4. Personas

Simi, is a 25 year old teacher. She recently planned to goto Hyderabad. She has heard that Hyderabadi Biryani is very delicious and she wants to find out the best place that can offer her the best biryani.
Danesh is a 30 year old adventurer who makes time for a trip once every 6 months or so. He loves to explore new places and explore the unexplored.

5. Features

The Minimum Viable Product would consist of these features which can make a good point of release for the app. Later new features can be added according the responses received from people.

  • It allows users to directly enter a city of choice and then select whether to show places or gifts or both.
  • Various filters allow users to categorize the search results according to their preferences.
  • Users can check reviews from travellers as well as local users for accurate descriptions.
  • They may book tickets to attractions or reserve delicacy or item that guarantees them it’ s receipt upon their arrival.

6. Wireframes

Initial Wireframes

These are initial wireframes that I started with. Later I found that showing all items and overloading users is probably not a good idea. Such layout is god for e-commerce sites but I had to come up with something else.

Updated Wireframes

Primary task here would be searching of the place or gifts. Before that, the user would enter his/her city of travel.

After entering the city the user can select what they wish to search for. Places or gifts or both.
Tapping on the menu icon to the top left will slide a drawer showing the profile info and setting.

This module is for exploring places. The user can filter out the search results according to the various filters.
He/she can swtich between default and map view by clicking on the street map tab on the top.
Clicking on any card opens its details screen where user can view the pricing, get directions, write reviews and much more.

This module helps users to explore the items they want to book in advance.

7. Visual Designs

Home Screen
Search the City

Place the Search
Profile Sidebar

Listings Screen
Filters Screen

Place/Items Details Screen